People: Alexandros and his bakery (Greece)

The people of Europe (and beyond). Who are they and what do they do? What keeps them occupied? What do we have in common?

Alexandros, what a guy! He stopped me in the middle of the street. I was walking by his bakery in Selianitika and there was some sort of party going on.

“Where are you going?” He said. “Come in. Eat!”

He was throwing a party for all the people of the village. Being not only a baker but also a chef, he had cooked the most delicious Greek meal and everyone could eat for free. I joined them in their happy music and crazy dancing.

He didn’t only own the bakery. He also owned some shops and houses near. And that only at the age of 28. He offered me a place to stay for the night and I happily agreed. How often do you get to sleep at a bakery? Well, above a bakery, but anyhow…

Baker Alexandros

Alexandros in his bakery.

Alexandros bakery

Yum, so good!

I love the way he shows a passion for food. But even more I love the way he is nice to all the people. The next day, when we were walking around the village, he talked with everyone and I noticed everyone was smiling when they saw him.

Apart from his passion for food, he has a passion for fishing. With his harpoon he hunts fish and mostly octopuss, whenever he has time. I tasted his octopuss, it is really good! So I surely encourage him to go fishing even more.

Also, with people like Alexandros (and Vaios and Stella as mentioned before) I am not too worried about the Greek future. They are positive, open minded and willing to work hard. Alexandros, we will meet again!


Alexandros and his mom

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