The last part of the Peloponnese (Diakopto – Selianitika – Patras)

After taking a rest in Diakopto, I really wanted to go on to Patras. From Patras I would take the boat to Italy. Diakopto – Patras is about 50kms, so very doable in two days. I found a campsite that was open this time of year in the middle, at Lampiri. It would be the first time I was going to use my tent I had been carrying unused for so long already.

The part to Aigio was long and along the old national road. And actually the same for the part after Aigio. I didn’t really want to leave the old national road, because it was the shortest way and it was quite a distance today. After Aigio I could take smaller roads for some parts.

Peleponnese coast

Hiking in deteriorating weather

Rain started dripping so I had to get my poncho out, I tied it around my backpack and walked into a village. Only about one more hour untill the campsite. I wanted to hurry a bit, because maybe I could set my tent before the big rain started pouring.

Today is a holiday in Greece, “Clean Monday”, the Monday after carnaval. It is tradition to eat special bread, let a kite in the air and you cannot use oil for some reason. And everyone is celebrating. Also in this village, Selianitika, there were people inside tavernas everywhere enjoying good meals and celebrating. I walked past a bakery and people were outside, dancing, eating, drinking, when I was stopped by a guy. He asked me where I was going. He told me to stop and eat and enjoy. His name was Alexandros and he owned the bakery. He was throwing this party for all the people of the village. Everything was for free. And I had to join. Of course I did!

Later he invited me to stay with him tonight, instead of going to the campsite. He had some spare rooms in his house above the bakery. And tomorrow he had a day off (because now he was working three days straight) and he could take me to see some beautiful parts of this area. Very nice, certainly I wanted that.

The next day, unfortunately, he didn’t have time to show me everything. He could show me around the village, though. So we walked around, I got a good view of the village. It is very nice, verry picturesque. But also here the sea is eating away the coast (see previous entry). I was warned by Alexandros not to walk to Patras from here. The national road gets very narrow, there are almost no villages in between, so that would be about 20kms of asphalt with cars speeding past. Plus he warned me about the driving style of some people here, he showed me the bumps in his car, and they wouldn’t be used to pedestrians. So in the end I decided to take the bus to Patras (I didn’t want bumps in me!). It felt a bit like a defeat, on the other hand, walking ís not the goal, meeting people is. And yesterday I met Alexandros, today I will meet my host Panos in Patras. Better to spend time with them, than to get myself killed on the road.

So the last part of the Northern coast of the Peloponnese I saw from inside a bus. And from what I saw, I didn’t really miss much.

Streetart Patras

Streetart in Patras.

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