The house of Vincent Brunetti

Okay, I have just been to a crazy, crazy place… The first place I wanted to write about in Italy was maybe Lecce, or Castel Monaci, or maybe the coast at Torre Lampillo, but that was before I went here. Alessandro took me to the house of Vincent Brunetti. One of the weirdest, maybe thé weirdest, place I have ever been.

Vincent is an artist, a painter, inspired by Vincent van Gogh. Yet he made his whole house an art object. Decades of work are invested. The result is a mix of everything. Colours, mozaics, paintings, furniture, shapes, objects, ideas. I do not even know how to describe it properly. In one wordt you could call it briliant… or chaos. The pictures give an impression, but actually you have to see it yourself.

Vincent Brunetti

Vincent Brunetti

Casa di Vincent Brunetti

Casa di Vincent Brunetti (Vincent City)

This place made me appreciate couchsurfing even more. Vincent’s house is not listed at the local tourist office (they don’t even have a local tourist office here), you just have to know about him. And that’s what couchsurfing is about, staying with the locals, and they’ll show you the hidden pearls of the area. And Vincent (well, his house) is a pearl.

Vincent’s site:

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