The passion of the caves (Matera, Italy)

I love caves! I don’t know why, but being in a cave makes me happy. It makes me feel like someone from the Stone Age. It makes me feel strong. I imagine I feel the same as men when they are preparing meat on a barbecue. Back to nature, back to our roots. And since Matera is full of caves, I couldn’t believe my luck.


Matera caves

Apart from the caves all around Matera, Matera itself is a beautiful city. A one-of-a-kind. It is build in the rocks. The front of the houses looks normal, but the inside is like a cave. They are called Sassi. It makes Matera look strange. Rocky. Old. Mel Gibson used Matera to film The Passion of the Christ.

But back to the caves. There are so many! Small, big, round ,square, majestic. There are even churches built in some of them. They are free to public, so we entered a lot and took amazing pictures. There are some beautiful hiking trails which guide you by the most awesome ones.

So today, for a brief moment, I was a cave-woman. All I needed was some buffalos to hunt for. Instead we got pizza for dinner.

Matera cave

Me in a cave in Matera.


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