The coast of Abruzzo (Termoli – Laroscia – Ortona – Pescara)

Abruzzo, a name I had never heard before. And I’m seriously wondering why. Because it is a beautiful, beautiful place. Imaging walking on a green mountain, the top covered in snow, a nice 20°Celsius, the sun shining and a beautiful view on the blue Adriatic sea. That is Abruzzo.

I got to the coast in Termoli (which lies in Molise, an even smaller provence than Abruzzo). And from there I followed the coast. Between Vasto and Ortona I took a turn and went into the Sangro Valley to spend some nice in a small town near Casoli. I didn’t plan to leave the coast, but I found a very nice guy and I could stay with him and his family. I was so happy I did! The valley was beautiful. The snowy big mountain, watching me the past few days, came closer. The landscape was green and had some hills. A bit more difficult for cycling, but I didn’t mind at all, this was great!

But we’ll talk about mountains and hills in a later post. This one is about the coast. The blue sea. The sandy beaches, but if you prefer pebbles, there are also pebble beaches. And the Trabocchi. Trabocchi are wooden house-like building build in the sea. People use them to fish from. It is some kind of ancient technique, you cannot do it alone, you need at least four people, or something like that. They make the coast look like long forgotten times.


Costa dei Trabocchi.


Trabocco at night.

In the distance you can see a small oil platform. They found oil near the coast of Abruzzo, and with these bad economic times, they can use all the money they can get their hands on. There are plans to make a second platform, bigger and closer to the coast. But that was too much for the people of Abruzzo. Abruzzo is known as the greenest area in Europe and they would like to keep it that way. So we went to a big manifestation in Pescara (the biggest city in Abruzzo). A lot of people with banners marched through the city, protesting against the oil platform. Apparently a big porn star comes from Abruzzo, Rocco Siffredi. The best banners were picturing his head, stating they already have a driller in Abruzzo. Nice.


They already have a driller in Abruzzo and that’s him, Rocco Siffredi.

Let’s hope that Rocco Siffredi can stop them building another (bigger) oil platform and so make sure that the beautiful coast of Abruzzo will not be spoiled.


Pescara beach.

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