Working hard planning the route through Italy (From Rome to Lausanne)

Provisionary schedule:


1. Accomodation: I am not bringing a tent, so no need to bring a mattress. A small sleeping bag might sometimes be useful. Lodging will be either in monasteries, pilgrim’s hostels , B&B, the occasional couch surfing host or ordinary hostels in bigger cities. I will try to make as much reservations in advance as possible.

2. Budget: My budget is about 50 EUR per day, including accommodation and food. So budget that much for yourself as well. In Switzerland it might be a bit more expensive per day.

3. Hiking shoes: Apart from Switzerland, there is no need for super duper hiking shoes. Just regular sneakers will do.

4. Baggage: Try packing light. I’m going for 4 months and bringing less than 10kg (edit: I wanted to bring less than 10kg, unfortunately together with my laptop and camera I’m way past this weight). So for several days it must be possible to pack lighter than that.

5. Don’t worry: The goal of this trip is to have an awesome time. The goal is not to take every step. If the weather is bad, or we’re in no shape to walk any further, we will hitchhike, or take a bus, or something else. Most important is to have fun!)

6. In Holland I don’t take reservations for people who would like to join, since there are many people that might (“I don’t have time to visit you abroad, but a few days in Holland might work”). Just come, show up (maybe send me a text so I’ll wait for you) and we’ll walk together with whoever is there :D.

Last update July 8th, 2018:

Rome - NL 13


The approximate route through Italy:

The approximate route through Switzerland:

The approximate route through Germany:

The approximate route through The Netherlands: