My name is Irina and I’m about to continue the most fantastic trip I ever had.

In 2013 I had a crazy plan. I booked a one-way ticket to Athens and wanted to walk either back home (in Holland) or to some other place. No plans, no obligations, no strings. I’ve had the most amazing holiday ever, meeting wonderful people and collecting thousands of stories. Unfortunately my trip was cut short in Tuscany because the most amazing person in the world, my mom, suddenly got ill and died soon after.

Not having finished my trip felt like an open end, something that one day will be finished. And next year, 5 years after my first steps, I am about to finish it. Hiking from Rome back home to Holland.

Where in 2013 it was a solo journey, as mentioned before with no obligations, just myself to account for, in 2018 it will hopefully be a group journey. In 2013 I had no plans, in 2018 I’ve planned about every day of the trip. The reason for this is that all my family, friends, acquaintances and other interesting people are invited to join me on part of my trip. Just walking along (or if you’re really not up for that, or if the weather is really bad: busses or hitchhiking is fine, too. It is about the spirit of the journey, not that I want to have taken every step along the way myself.), having good conversations, enjoying beautiful scenery and the occasional glass of beer or wine. If you would like to join, send me an email/Facebook message/WhatsApp message to discuss possible dates/sections.

Under 2013: Athens-Tuscany you can read some stories and see some photos of the 2013 hike. And when you click on Schedule, you can see my day to day route and decide on which part you want to hike along.

Hoping to see you all along the way!


It’s the journey that matters,

x Irina


Me in a cave in Matera, Italy

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